If I were a TV producer, I’d suggest there’s no better drama-filled, high stakes thrill of a story than that of a business that fails to keep its corporate house in order and, as a result, things blow up.  But I’m not a TV producer.  I’m a business lawyer.  So I’ll share with you some of the tales of woe I’ve experienced through my clients over the course of my career, in the hopes that you avoid these costly mistakes by taking action to get your corporate records up to date.

Don't Turn Your Business into a Scene From Reality T.V.





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ISSUE 2   \ \   NOV. 2015

| What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

+ Find out if you are at risk, and;

+ What you can do to reduce your exposure to liability.

​​Employee or Independent Contractor?

If you are a business owner, knowing the difference could impact whether or not you are exposed to financial liability –

at the corporate level and personally – for unpaid wages and...

ISSUE 1   \ \   OCT. 2015

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